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Why choose the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is an excellent platform for your expansion within Europe.

Geographically, The Netherlands offer a far better strategic location compared to the other favorite business partner: the United Kingdom.

If a substantial part of your customers are non-British, the costs and time of transportation are a major advantage for The Netherlands.

Logistic expertise
The Dutch are noted for their expertise in logistics, resulting in the efficient handling and distribution of goods and a modern Dutch logistic network.

A major part of the Dutch are fluent in several languages. At the same time, the costs of labor are relatively low.

The Dutch political and economic tradition is characterized by a long history of stability.

The attitude of The Netherlands towards trade is liberal. Dutch customs operation represents the standard for most other European countries, while the Dutch regulations are among the most effective and efficient in Europe.

The Netherlands features well-developed, sophisticated financial and legal infrastructures. Its participation exemption, the tax treaty network, and the tax ruling make the Dutch holding company one of the most popular in the world.

So if you’re planning to expand to Europe: welcome to The Netherlands, the gateway to Europe.