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Fulfillment by DSV Multi-Channel Fulfilment helps you grow your business

The make-or-buy decision is essential for any business. After all, outsourcing has proven to have a substantial, positive effect on the profitability and competitiveness of organizations.

Our fulfillment services allow you to focus
Operating your own support activities diverts attention and funds from those activities that really matter in maintaining a clear distinction to competition. It’s all about focus. DSV Multi-Channel Fulfilment allows you to fully concentrate on your core activities.

Our fulfillment offers a total service package
Some advantages of outsourcing to DSV Multi-Channel Fulfilment are:
● An increased flexibility.
● Better insight in and access to new knowledge, means and resources.
● Insight and grip on actual expenses.
● Controllable service levels and transparent problem ownership.
● No in-depth investments are required.
● All attention and resources can be focused on your core competences.

Our fulfillment saves you money
Experience proves that outsourcing is much less expensive than handling your fulfillment yourself. It also adds value and a competitive edge to your own service levels. This benefits both you and your customers. And saves you money.