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Warehousing with 100% insight in your stock at all times

European warehousing

Warehousing belongs to our core competences. Our modern warehouse has room for 10.000 pallets and 40.000 shelve locations. It is designed and built especially for us, to allow for the highest service levels in our field.

But we don’t just store your goods. We also help to keep your stock optimized, so that your service levels increase, while your storage costs decrease at th same time.

We help optimize your stock

Warehousing costs are only partly a result of the price per pallet. It is far more important to assure that you have the right amount of products available at the right time. We know that our active, hands-on warehouse management increases your service levels, and also saves you a lot of money.

We manage your stock levels actively. At the same time, our stock reports give you precise insight in stock levels and trends. This way you can achieve the right stock levels at all times.

We help you to a good start

We believe that warehousing starts right at the receipt of incoming goods. The communication around incoming stock and the actual stock intake, the optical controls and a seamless registration form the basis for reliable warehouse stock.

Our real-time communication protocols allow for extreme short turn around times and seamless warehouse control. Also, incoming shipment are processed and cleared for storage within 4 hours after we receive them.

We offer lean & mean warehousing

The lean-and-mean layout of our warehouse is the result of many years of experience, constant innovation and state-of-the art technology. Our efficiency and warehousing service levels have become the Dutch benchmark in our field.

Our Warehouse System guards over your goods, and optimizes both storage locations as well as storage conditions, expiry dates, lot numbers and temperature.

Up-to-date insight in your stock

Each stock movement is registered real-time. So that we guarantee 100% insight in your stock. No matter if it just arrived or if it is in transit, is being stored or picked: we know exactly where each unit is.

Stock levels are also inspected via weekly cycle-counts. In addition, we guard important for you data such as lot numbers, expiry dates and warehousing conditions. At DSV MCF, you have an up-to-date insight in your stock at all times.

European Warehouse and warehousing

Our dynamic, pro-active warehousing can save you up to 25% on warehousing expenses.