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Supply Chain Management

Business models are becoming complex. Multi-channel and omni-channel supply chains and strategic partnerships require organizations, IT-systems and procedures to be more flexible than ever.

At the same time, customer expectations and the pressure on turnaround and response times increase.

Our supply chain management, combined with  our extensive experience with multi-channel and omni-channel order and service chains, can strengthen your business model.

Create new opportunities

Co-makership and strategic partnerships are becoming an important part of new business models. By joining up with other specialists, new market propositions and opportunities become available to you.

Such joint-endeavors, however, require sound supply chain management in order to synchronize both operational and automation aspects.

DSV MCF supports you, and makes those opportunities into a successful joint-venture, instead of a pitfall of conflicting interests.

Our supply chain management allows parties to work together successfully in spite of the individual differences in procedures, priorities and systems. We manage and guard the overall activities, with sufficient eye for individual aspects.

Professional support

Our supply chain management is about creating an operational environment in which different stakeholders can work together effectively and successfully.

Our PRINCE2 certified Project Managers are familiar with each aspect of muti-channel supply chain and how to regulate and integrate parties, procedures and systems into one strong front end.

At DSV MCF, all supply chain elements are managed within one central system. We optimize and synchronize service levels, communication and make them into one constant customer experience throughout the supply chain.

At the same time, our Project Managers manage, guard, upgrade and optimize your supply chain and services on a continuous basis.

What may your expect from our supply chain management?

Our supply chain management is based on PRINCE2 principles. We take the lead and coordinate projects, starting with the implementation and throughout its lifetime.

Our Project Managers supply the following services:
● Advice regarding the process structure.
● The coordination of the implementation planning and activities.
● Initiating communication channels.
● The coordination of meetings, consultations, etc.
● Documenting procedures, service levels, etc.
● Testing procedures, communication and IT-systems.
● Operational contacts between the stakeholders.
● Supplying and monitoring reports.
● Pro-active process controls.
● The administrative coordination of the project.
● Advice and suggestions regarding possible improvements.

Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Management allows parties to work together successfully.