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Returns handeling that reduces your overall returns

Returns Handling

Customers are very sensitive to how you organize their returns handling. To them, the way that you handle your returns is as important to their brand and customer experience, as the quality of your outbound deliveries.

If you realize that an important part of your profitability depends on returning customers, then the importance of a prompt and correct returns handling is clear.

Realtime returns handling

At DSV MCF, all returns are handled and completed within 4 hours after receipt thereof. This includes all related follow-up activities. 

The whole return handling process is handled by 1 single person, thus reducing handling time. Via our patented single-point-of-entry software, they:
 Confirm receipt to your customer.
 Unpack, judge and report causes.
 Initiate required follow-up activities.
 Update the database

Goods that are fit for stock, are directly available for reshipment. And all  follow-up activities, such as replacement,  refunds and customer communication, are generated realtime.

This strongly improves customer satisfaction and avoids unnecessary costs due to delays, customer service activities and buffer stock.

Returns influence customer satisfaction.

Research shows that 93% (!) of all customers say that they will not buy with a company again after the handling of their returns, due to the delays, lack of communication and the time it took to get their money refunded.

When their returns were handled promptly and correctly, that same research shows, 84% of the customers said that they probably would return as a customer.

So  the way that you handle your returns, is important to how your customer perceives your brand and to his loyalty to you.

This is why we give returns handling the same priority as your outbound shipments. Our returns handling lets you serve your customer well and has proven to create an opportunity for our clients to distinguish themselves from their competition.

Every 1% unnecessary returns costs you 2,5% nett result

Avoiding returns

Reducing the costs of returns can have a big impact on  your business model.

In most cases, returned goods are inevitable. But this does not mean that you cannot substantially reduce the number of returns. And every 1% decrease in returns leads to 2,5% more result.

Experience shows that approximately 35% of all returns can be avoided. By learning from previous returns and their causes, you can improve your communication and customer expectations to avoid unnecessary future returns.

So there is much to be gained by our excellent returns handling process.

Returns causes

Our returns handling process helps you get a grip on returns by creating insight in the source and causes thereof.

The following causes can be easily avoided:
● mistakes on your website
● lack of information
● lack of clarity about colors and sizes
● stock errors
● order pick and packing mistakes
● non-compliance with promises
● delayed deliveries
● insufficient data-integrity checks

You can avoid unnecessary returns. Our crystal clear reports help you do so.