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Response handling with multi-channel options

Multi-channel Response Handling

Response handling is an important aspect of your interaction with your market. And because more and more purchases are generated multi-channel, offering multi-channel response handling options is becoming a must.

Customers satisfaction and freedom of choice in contact options are directly related. The more contact options you offer, the higher your conversion rate and your customer satisfaction will be.

Our multi-channel response options offer your customers a maximum freedom of choice. And because we provide all response handling services within our own premises, we offer you an efficient, affordable and integrated solution for all response types.

Customers do not think in markets

Customers want to be able to buy and communicate with you, whenever and wherever they choose. This may differ per purchase, and often even during the orientation process.

For you, bricks and clicks may be different markets. But your customers do not think in markets and do not comprehend why each channel has its own contact options and information flows.

It’s up to you to facilitate that information, services and response times are identical throughout your organization, regardless of the channel. Our multi-channel  response handling options let you do so.

Increase customer satisfaction

Satisfied customers are valuable. And their satisfaction is closely related to their experience during their most recent orders and service contacts.

Especially the moment that they decide to order with you (again), or not, is a crucial contact moment. A moment in which you cannot afford to lose a customer.

Our multi-channel response handling options will increase both your customer satisfaction and your revenues. All order and service related customer data accessible via one single-point-of-entry, so that your customers can be helped promptly and informed correctly.

ulti-channel Response Handling

Create up to 15% more revenue by offering your customers multi-channel response options.