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Our product fulfillment process has over 400 quality checks

Product Fulfillment

Our modern, state-of-the-art product fulfillment center is built to facilitate custom shipping for a broad range on markets, both business-to-business and direct-to-consumer.

But, although product fulfillment forms the operational core of your order and service supply chain, our fulfillment is about much more than just storing and shipping goods. It’s about serving and satisfying your customer in such a way, that he’ll want to come buy with you again.

Every part of our fulfillment operation is about flexible customization, process control and scalability. Whether you have 10 or  5.000 order per day, each order is handled with the same efficiency and care.

Increase your customer satisfaction

The quality of product fulfillment determines whether or not you ship your goods correctly and on time. Thus, it strongly influences how your customers will perceive your performance as their supplier.

Our whole fulfillment process is focused on guaranteeing that your customer gets what he expects, where and when he wants it. Bottom line, we believe that that’s what we are all about.

Efficiency is key

Our product fulfillment has been the Dutch benchmark for over 15 years. Many of our 30+ branche innovations were about increasing efficiency as well as flexibility.

Our unique, voice generated orderpick and pack software, guarantees extreme accuracy and short turn-around times per order. Incoming orders are each processed real-time, thus avoiding delays due to operational queues or delays.

Safe and secure

S&H’s packing stations are professionally equipped to guarantee a secure product fulfillment process. Documents are printed real-time at each individual station, guaranteeing a 100% match between shipments and documents.

Each stage of our fulfillment process has built-in quality controls. This is essential for achieving a professional service level throughout each part of our product fulfillment. Your customer’s experience is safe in our hands!

Managing expectations

In product fulfillment, reliability is even more important than speed. Your customer expects you to keep your promisses and to inform him if you cannot comply.

During the whole product fulfillment process, our systems closely monitors and reports each movement and action and, where relevant, informs you and your customer about the steps taken. This keeps everybody informed and content.

product fulfillment

It is our commitment to be the best in our field.


Being great at product fulfillment is our passion. You can feel that vibe at every work station.