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Financial fulfillment that saves you money

Financial Fulfillment

Financial fulfillment is getting more complex and labor-intensive. An increase in payment options and preferences and a growing integration between online en offline, make the financial administration and its follow-up quite a challenge.

A frequently made mistake is thinking that a Payment Service Provider (PSP) covers all your financial fulfillment needs. But a PSP only provides web based payment solutions. In fact, they stop where we start.

Just as in the past, payments must still be booked in your financial administration and matched to your orders, deliveries, stock movements, etc. Experience shows that this has made financial administrations more complex and time consuming than ever before.

Online and offline financial fulfillment

More and more business models are multi- or omni-channel. This leads to a mix of cash flows between the different channels. Payment methods vary per individual customer and between online and offline.

Payment Service Providers only facilitate online payments. Leaving offline payments methods unattended to.

Our financial fulfillment supply you with seamless integration of all online and offline payment methods within your financial administration.

A complete service package

Our financial fulfillment services include the intake, matching, reconciliation and financial administration of both online and offline payments. We supply you with a seamless match between orders received, payments, shipments, stock and taxes.

Of course, our financial fulfillment includes the follow-up, refunds, consolidating and reporting. When you outsource your financial fulfillment to us, you know exactly where you stand from a financial perspective. And that your financial aspects are fully under control.

Strategic partnerships

(Temporary) strategic partnerships offer new business opportunities. Our financial fulfillment provides a central financial handling and administration, while keeping details and cashflows separated at the backend.

We collect and refund, and handle all the related administration and follow-up. Meanwhile, each partner stays fully informed about their part of the business via specified, crystal clear reports.

Why should I outsource to DSV MCF?

● Save up to 90% on financial administration.
● Drastically reduce turnaround times.
● A PSP does not cover all your cash flows.
● A seamless match between your cash flow,
your sales and your stock administration.
● Complete VAT-specifications per country.
● Accounts receivable administration.
● Extended international payment options.

More than a Payment Service Provider (PSP).

A PSP offers online payment options. But you still need to match the cashflows, the orders, the stock movenments and the shipments. We’ve got it all covered.