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European Distribution

In today’s world, customers want to have a certain freedom in delivery options and services. Being able to supply those options, strengthens your business model as well as your customer satisfaction.

At DSV MCF, we offer you a complete package of logistic services from a perfect location: the logistic hotspot of the Netherlands. Situated within 3 miles of the seaport Moerdijk (which is part of the internationally well-known Port of Rotterdam) we have all inbound and outbound facilities at our disposal.

Our multiple flexible, automated European distribution options get your shipments  to its destination economically and efficiently.

Promises delivered

Merchants seem to want to outdo each other with regard to short delivery times. But the European distribution structure is too complex to simplify.

In reality, therefore, more than 80% of all merchants doesn’t come close to fulfilling that promise. While surveys show that customers find reliability much more important than speed.

At DSV MCF, we aim to serve your customer, not make empty promises. Our distribution options take your customers wishes as well as the related costs and services into account, without overpromising. So that you can serve your customer as promissed.

Different strokes for different folks

Not everyone wants or needs the same thing. In fact, your customer’s wishes vary strongly per target group, per country and even per situation.

Offering flexible distribution and delivery options is more important to your customers than unasked for speed. Our national and international distribution model offers you multiple options , with or without additional services and insurance.

We make sure that your customer is served according to your and his wishes. At the same time, we offer a distribution mix that optimizes the price-performance ratio.

European distribution

CO² – neutral

Where possible, we ship your goods CO²-neutral.

This way, it’s a win-win situation all around.