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In e-fulfillment, reliability is more important than speed

What is e-fulfillment?

E-fulfillment covers the whole online order and service chain, from the moment that your client enters his order until the after-sales is completed.

Especially for e-fulfillment, it is important that this order and service chain is one, integrated and seamless supply chain. Because your client will judge you as a company by how well he is serviced once he has chosen to buy with you.

Experience teaches that brand experience and good fulfillment go together. Therefore, all our fulfillment solutions are focused on serving your clients customers in a fast, effective and reliable manner.

The Dutch e-fulfillment pioneer

Our experience in fulfillment combined with e-commerce is second to none. As early as 1996, we introduced e-fulfillment to the Dutch market.

We use this experience and know-how to actively support our clients in achieving a healthy, down-to-earth e-commerce business model, thus not only saving you money but meanwhile also increasing your net return on investment.

Make a strong first impression

Success in e-commerce is all about retention. Your clients need to be satisfied and come back, and you only get one chance for a first impression.

This is why a strong order and service chain is crucial to your business. And why, in everything we do, we focus on your clients and how they experience your brand. We are committed to let your brand shine and to let our services convince your clients to buy with you again.

E-fulfillment specifics

E-fulfillment is much more than just a logistic option. It has a much broader scope and has elements that make it much more complex than ‘regular’ logistics. Such as:
● Much shorter response and turn around times.
● A large share of relative small orders.
● More one-time customers.
● Returns and refunds.
● Much higher IT-requirements.
● Real-time access to data.
● Extra communication.

All of this leads to a different setup and focus than mainstream logistics. Studies prove that outsourcing your fulfillment saves you substantial amounts of money, while also increasing your service levels and capabilities at the same time.

The top 7 e-fulfillment annoyances

Each mistake or delay in your e-fulfillment process can harm your image and brand. This is why it is so important that the quality and turn around times of your fulfillment is guaranteed at all times.

The most common e-fulfillment annoyances are:
● Delayed deliveries.
● Slow customer care and service.
● No omni-channel options.
● Flawed information.
● Poor access to data.
● Wrong deliveries.
● Long, returns procedures.

With our fulfillment services, you are certain that your brand and image will stay intact during the order and service supply chain and that your relation with your client is secure and safe.


E-fulfillment is about much more than just logistics.


That is why we offer you an end-to-end fulfillment solution.

This increases your service as well as your bottom-line results.