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Reduce your customer service costs by more than 50%

Multi-channel Customer Service

At DSV MCF, we believe that Customer Service should be exactly that: caring for and servicing your customers.

This is why our customer care & service department is fully focused on offering your (potential) customer a pleasant, satisfying customer experience. That starts by offering your customer freedom of choice with regard to how and when they can contact us.

In our multi-channel world, your customers want to be able to choose freely between communication and purchasing channels. That choice may differ per moment and even during the course of an order, delivery or service contact. It is up to you to facilitate that.

Customer Service and Customer Care

Customer service is an inescapable part of doing business. But the number of customer contacts can be influenced as well as reduced. 

Our customer services focuses on serving your customers when necessary, but avoiding unnecessary contacts. By offering a first-contact-completion that is second to none. But also by pro-actively adjusting communication to help avoid uncertainty and complaints.

We handle all these services within our own premises. We have our own, professional multi-channel Customer Contact Center, where all communication is handled via our special, patented single-point-of-entry software.

Leave the choice up to your customers

Each country in Europe has its own preferences when it comes to how they want to communicate with you. And that preference can vary per moment and per situation.

With our multi-channel customer service, you can leave that choice up to your customer. We offer the following customer service options:
● Telephone
● E-mail
● Fax
● Post
● Social media
● SMS/WhatsApp
● Online chat

Best-in-class service levels

Our customer service servicelevels have been the Dutch benchmark for years.


– vs –


Telephone response (in seconds)



E-mail response time (in days)






Contact moments per question



Refunds (in days)



These service levels let you leave your competition far behind.

Flexible capacity

That you will receive customer service requests, is a fact. But when these requests will come and via which communication channels, is often uncertain.

Our customer service center offers you scalable capacity, with trained and professional agents.

With our customer service, you are always  sure that your customers are served in a prompt and effective manner, regardless of the number of contacts. Without high fixed expenses ruining your business model.

customer service - multi-channel

Save up to 80%

Our unique Single-Point-of-Entry software can save you up to 80% on your customer service activities.

Our customer service agents dispose over all the required real-time information to always be able to serve your customers prompt and adequately.