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Fulfillment services: end-to-end solutions

Fulfillment services are about much more than just a logistic services. In our dynamic world, fulfillment services play a central role in all order related logistics and communication. Therefore, at DSV Multi-Channel Fulfilment , we’ve got your whole order supply chain covered, including each part of your order related logistics and customer contacts.

But also if you just need one or two of our fulfillment services, we guarantee you fully integrated fulfillment at the best possible price-performance ratio.

Warehousing at its best

Warehousing belongs to our core fulfillment services.

Our state-of-the-art warehouse, with room for 10.000 pallets and 40.000 shelve locations, is designed and built to be lean-and-mean layout and to offer you the highest service levels in our field.

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European fulfillment services: warehousing

Our financial fulfillment will ‘show you the money’

Our financial fulfillment services are about much more than just collecting your payments for you. Actually, it starts where a PSP stops, and it also includes the intake, the matching, the reconciliation and the full financial administration of your online and offline payments. We manage all your multi-, cross- or omni-channel activities within 1 centralized administration.

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Fulfillment services: financial fulfillment

E-fulfillment that is second to none

E-fulfillment does not have any secrets for us. The know-how and experience that we have acquired since we were the Dutch e-fulfillment pioneer in 1996, can help you expand your e-business in a fast, effective and reliable manner that will strengthen your business model.

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Fulfillment services: e-fulfillment

Multi-channel response handling

Offering your clients freedom of choice with regard to how they can order with you, has proven to increase success in a multi-channel world.

Our flexible, customer friendly response handling leads to a higher client satisfaction, which leads up to 15% more revenue for you.

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European fulfilment services: response handling

Product fulfillment for champions

Product Fulfillment is about much more than just storing and shipping goods for you. It’s also about serving and pleasing your clients. Therfeore, we pick, pack and ship your orders in a flexible and a reliable manner that has made us the Dutch product fulfillment benchmark.

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European fulfillment services: product fulfillment

Various distribution options

We offer you flexible, automated shipment options that get your shipments  to its destination efficiently. Of course, customized labels, shipping confirmations as well as track & trace, are all part of our services to assure that your client receives his goods where and when he expects it.

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European fulfillment services: distribution

Customer Service for each sales channel

We believe that Customer Care and Service should be exactly that: caring for and servicing your clients. That is why we have all the contact options in-house.

We offer all customer service options via telephone, e-mail, post, internet, SMS and social media.

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European fulfillment services: customer services

Returns handling that pleases your clients

When you ship goods, returned goods are inevitable. But the way that you handle those returns, can prove to be an important part of your client’s experience and his loyalty to your brand. This is why we give returns handling the same priority as your outbound shipments, so that your brand shines, even in your returns process.

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European fulfilment services: returns handling

We keep your supply chain going

By joining up with other specialists, new market opportunities become available to you. That is where our Supply Chain Management can support you. It allows parties to work together successfully in spite of the individual differences in procedures, priorities and systems.

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European fulfillment services: supply chain management