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Fulfillment quotation checklist

To be able to tailor our fulfillment quotation to meet your wishes, it is important that you help us to insight in your company-specific requirements. This will help us to inform and advise you correctly.

Thanks to the high quality of our fulfillment services and support, and their positive effect on the results of our clients, we are required to maintain a minimum threshold for new clients. In addition to qualitative criteria, this also leads to a minimum number of orders per month.

Do you ship at least 500(B2B) or 1.000 (B2C) orders per month and do you recognize your needs in our ‘for whom’? Then we’ll gladly inform you about how DSV Multi-Channel Fulfilment can also help strengthen your business case via our value added services.

Of course, you can also contact us directly via +31 (0)168 385 656.

Checklist in PDF

We can imagine that you do not have all the required input at your disposal right now. You can also click here to download the checklist in PDF so that you can gather the required information, save it and send it to us via e-mail at: