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Our business intelligence is the breakfast of champions.

Hands-on Business Intelligence

Providing information is much more than just supplying a collection of online reports.

Our business intelligenced reports offer you accurate management information that allows you to stay ‘on top of the ball’ and to respond pro-actively at all times.

Our management information system shows your data from different angles:
● Technological (e.g.: quantities, processing times, costs, volumes and weights).
● Business (e.g.: trends, causes, service levels, returns and benchmarks).
● Financial (per period, process, business unit, categories, product and market).

The data from all related system components, such as ERP, MRP, WMS, CRM, Finance and returns, are all mutated real-time for a seamless connection between these data, regardless from which angle you approach the information.

Real-time, online information

Our management information system constantly gathers information about each aspect of your process. With our user-friendly, online business intelligence tool, you have direct access to this information, always and anywhere.

Transparent information,
The key source of our Business Intelligence is our single-point-of-entry, real-time data-warehouse. It seamlessly covers each aspect of your process, and supplies you with precise, decision-supporting information.

User-friendly interfaces and apps
DSV MCF supplies you with real-time online reports in various formats and with several authorization levels. But we also supply you with your own personal KPI’s via your smart phone app, so that you can access the information wherever you are and whenever you want – at a wink of an eye.

Business Intelligence

Next to important feedback and information, we supply real business intelligence.

We supply you with more than 40 reports, key performance indicators, statistics, and dashboards, thus covering all relevant procedures and services. This gives you crystal clear insight in:
● Details of each individual process.
● Performance per individual process.
● The course of developments.
● Stock movements and trends.
● Potential bottlenecks.
● Causes.
● Improvement options.

This information can be visualized via dashboards so that it supports your management and decision making process.

Business Intelligence

Do you want to be and stay a champion?

Our business intelligence will get and keep you there.