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In fulfillment, IT is ‘it’

Why our IT-solutions are so crucial for you

The quality of your IT-solution determines the performance, capacity and reliability of your IT-systems, your procedures and your communication.

With the increase in cross-channel activities, these have become crucial elements for the quality of your overall supply chain performance, because the quality of your IT-solution determines:

  • Your turn-around times.
  • Your service-levels.
  • The level of insight in and control over procedures and stock.
Our IT solution

Plug-and-play IT-solutions

Plug-and-play solutions sound nice. But they simply do not exist when it comes to internet or cross-channel. The importance of customer friendliness and data-quality is just too important.

We don’t over-simplify what you need. We ask for and are willing to earn your trust. We have experience with more than 1.000 interfaces between large and small IT-systems and many, many web shops and applications, and know what it takes to implement a solution that proves its reliability and effectiveness every single day.

The flexibility of our systems and interfaces avoids time and money consuming implementations. But at the same time, guarantees a seamless, trouble free integration between systems.

Advantages of our IT-solutions

Our IT-solutions are the result of 20 years of experience, during which we introduced more than 30 fulfillment innovations in our market. Core values of our IT-solutions are reliability, stability and flexibility.

Although tailored to your individual needs, each of our IT-solutions offer the following concrete advantages:

  • A seamless integration between IT-systems.
  • More than 400 data-integrity checks.
  • Real-time processing between all systems.
  • Guaranteed system capacity.
  • Optimum insight via crystal clear online reports.

Our IT-solutions are your key to excellent fulfillment and an optimal operational result.

Avoid legacy pitfalls

Many ‘legacy’ systems are not flexible enough to adapt to the newest market requirements. Modifying those systems proves to be costly and time consuming.

We solve this by offering you state-of-the-art, tailored IT-solutions, that provide a seamless integration of all order related elements. Our powerful, secure data warehouse, contains every element of the multi-channel fulfillment chain within one centralized database:

Information, not data

Data leads to information. But not all data is information. Our IT-solutions aim at creating information that allow you to:

  • Initiate procedures.
  • Take decisions.
  • Provide information.
  • Avoid manual labor.
  • Be in control at all times.

Our fully integrated data-warehouse assures you that our information is real-time and precise.



Our IT-solutions aim at integrating information into one single-point-of-entry per user.

This increases your service levels and reduces your costs, due to:

•   Less operational steps.
•   Homogeneous data-quality.

•   Less communication.
•   Less mistakes.