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Why accept ‘good’ fulfillment, if it can be ‘great’?

Fulfillment for champions

There are many fulfillment suppliers nowadays. And, to be honest, we are fine with that, at DSV Multi-Channel Fulfilment. Because we focus on a specific target group, namely strong brands who recognize the importance that their fulfillment reflects their brand values.

If ‘good’ isn’t good enough for you
As you know, the quality of your order and service supply chain can have a big impact on your bottom-line results. Each 1% extra mistakes, extra customer contact as well as extra returns, can cost you up to 2,5% of your profit. That is very serious money!

Therefore we focus on your brand experience
Most of your customers will judge the quality of your company by the way you handle their orders and communication. Any error, inaccuracy, delay or miscommunication has a direct effect on your brand and customer satisfaction. That is why ‘great’ is the only service level we offer.

As a result: there are no weak links
Our solutions, our service levels, and quality, can make the difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’ results for your business. Our service levels have made us the Dutch benchmark in fulfillment. So, if your brand and business cannot afford any weak links, it is time to contact DSV Multi-Channel Fulfilment.

Do you belong to our target group?
In brief, we focus on those companies whom:
● Process at least 1.000 (B2C) or 500 (B2B) orders per month.
● Have much to lose if their brand experience is tainted.
● Cannot compromise, when it comes to quality.
● Must aim for ‘great’, because ‘good’ isn’t good enough.



end-to-end fulfillment solutions

Multi- and Omni-Channel

Product Fulfillment applications

Our fulfillment solutions are invaluable in many different market situation. 

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We offer a wide variety of fulfillment solutions to different clients. What they have in common is their need of professional support and the long-term relationships with DSV MCF.
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