S&H becomes DSV Multi-Channel Fulfilment

As you know, the growing fulfillment market is constantly developing – and S&H’s services and multi-channel solutions have been the benchmark in this field for more than 20 years.  To maintain that leading position, S&H founder Hans Elshout has sold all his shares to DSV as of September 4, 2018, making DSV the new owner of S&H. S&H will continue its activities as a stand-alone company under a new name: DSV Multi-channel Fulfilment.

DSV is a well-known global leader in the fields of transportation and logistics solutions. For DSV, the acquisition of S&H means that they will be able to offer a full range of multi-channel solutions to clients in Europe. For more information, please visit www.dsv.com.


Is your brand crucial for your success? Then our best-in-class European product fulfillment is exactly what you need. Because, when you outsource your European product fulfillment, you also hand over crucial part of your customers’ brand experience to your fulfillment provider.

What European product fulfillment services does DSV Multi-Channel Fulfilment offer?

Our European product fulfillment solutions offer an end-to-end fulfillment solution. Especially for internet, multi-channel and omni-channel orders. And also for your entire order and service supply chain, from order receipt to after-sales. This includes:
● Multi-Channel Response Handling
● Warehousing
● Product Fulfillment
● Financial Fulfillment
● Supply Chain Management.

Why choose DSV Multi-Channel Fulfilment?
The quality of your European product fulfillment is a determining factor for you. It’s how your European customers will experience and judge your performance as a brand.

Therefore, our European product fulfillment services are focused on optimizing your customers’ brand experience. Together with DSV MCF, you can focus on your market. And excel in it.

Who are our customers?
We focus on clients that need their European product fulfillment to be just as strong as their brand values. Brands that cannot accept compromises when their brand experience is involved.

Do you have at least 1.000 (B2C) or 500 (B2B) orders per month in Europe? Then we can also help your brand stand strong. During each aspect of your supply chain.

How your brand benefits from our services:

European product fulfillment

Our passion

It is our passion to supply European product fulfillment solutions that outperform others. Good isn’t good enough for us; we want to be great in what we do.

As our client, you get our ‘hearts’, not just our ‘hands’.

Each and every part of our organization is aimed at adding value to your business case. So that you can focus on and excel in your market.

Our input

At DSV MCF, we don’t just respond to your requests. We are committed to not only help you achieve your goals, but to exceed them.

In 1996, we were the Dutch e-fulfillment pioneer. Since then, we have introduced more than 40 fulfillment innovations. That has led to our best-in-class services.

Our clients can testify that our know-how, experience and excellent service levels add concrete value to your business.

Our USP’s

We offer in-house, end-to-end solution for multi- and omni-channel markets. We are the only Dutch fulfillment provider that does. This fact is important for the quality of your fulfillment services. Because each extra external link leads to extra costs, extra communication and extra mistakes.

We constantly optimize our added value proposition and the brand experience of our clients. By doing so, for years, we have set the benchmark for others to pursue.