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Our road to fulfillment glory

Not the biggest, but the best


How it started
In 1996, as CEO of a major international mail order company, S&H founder Hans Elshout went looking for a fulfillment provider that could handle specific complex tasks for his company.

What we looked for
The fulfillment service provider that he sought, had to offer an automated solution, with multi-channel contact options, and preferably Internet options (which was just starting to surface back then).

What we found
After a thorough orientation of the Dutch fulfillment market, was disappointing. But none of them came anywhere near what he needed to serve his market.

A conviction was born
Still he was convinced that he wasn’t looking for anything far-fetched and that it had to be possible to offer a total solution. Other companies were also waiting for this.

The first step on the road to success
Strengthened by experience and earlier successes, Hans decided to take the ‘leap of faith’ and build what everyone was looking for. But it had to be better and more sophisticated than anything in the market.

The name
The new company had to carry a professional name, not a family name, and be international proof. New companies emerging on the Internet offered their prices excluding S&H, meaning shipping and handling. The new name was found.

The foundation
Contrary to what was common in fulfillment, S&H was built around automated processes, instead of automating certain procedures. This led to a totally different approach and a much higher level of efficiency and reliability.

Off we went
Driven by a clear vision and mission, S&H soon convinced brands like Barclays, Heineken, KLM and Nestlé that what we had to offer was unique and added value to their proposition and brand experience. S&H was there to stay!

Within 6 years, S&H had conquered the leading position in fulfillment, to be copied repeatedly, but never be passed again. And this is just the beginning!

Acquired by DSV
As of September 4th 2018 the shares of S&H have been sold to DSV to still keep the leading position in the future, which made DSV for 100% owner of S&H. S&H will operate – as ‘stand-alone’ organization – under the name DSV Multi-Channel Fulfilment.

The best is yet to come!
Results achieved in the past are no guarantee for the future. Still driven, DSV MCF will optimize their process and services.