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We are passionate about fulfillment

Our management is very motivated to excel in and outperform our field. Each member of our team has a drive to deliver the best fulfillment that your money can buy.

Our Management Team

Ton Blom – Director

“Working in a professional environment such as DSV MCF, motivates me to constantly strive to achieve an even higher operational level with my team. By doing so, we create new dynamic norms for fulfillment.”

Erik Biemans – Manager Customer Relations & Call Center

“It gives a feeling of pride to work with a team that thinks in solutions. Through the dynamic interaction with partners and co-workers, we have achieved many challenging goals, leading to a mutual feeling of satisfaction and respect.”

Kees Heijstek – Business Controller

“I enjoy being responsible for supplying financial fulfillment at the highest possible level. At DSV MCF I know I’m supported by a highly dedicated team, as well as state-of-the-art technology and software to be able to achieve this.”

Our Senior Staff

Andre Zijderveld – Manager IT

“My team and I enjoy initiating innovations and constant process improvements that add to the success of our clients.”

Boudewijn Tonnaer – Project Manager

“The biggest compliment that a client can give me is when they call me their colleague.”

Daisy Valkenburg – Account Support

“Great clients and good, professional colleagues; what more could I ask for?”

Daphne de Boer – Supervisor Call Center

“Service is our mentality, not just a department.”

Ed Beekmans – Project Manager

“It is my passion to contribute to effectient and effective procedures that really benefit our clients.”

Maida Sejdic – Supervisor SHEQ

“It is my passion to ensure that DSV MCF achieves its Total Quality goals in each and every detail of our processes and communication, thus accomplishing higher service levels and customer satisfaction all around.”

Meron Kleijn – Reception and Management Support

“I want you to feel welcome at DSV MCF from your first contact with us”

Rob Schrooyen – Supervisor Fulfilment

“It is my passion to constantly set new challinging goals for my team and I, making each day a new opportunity to grow.”

Ronald van Schelt – Supervisor Warehouse

“I enjoy the challenge of achieving the most efficient logistic procedures through teamwork.”

Vicky Ooye – Finance Specialist

“I take pride in the fact that our clear and timely financial administration and reports help our clients improve their business operation.”