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Our passion

From the moment that you visit DSV Multi-Channel Fulfilment, you can feel it: this place is energetic and alive! Whether it’s in our office, our warehouse or our operational departments, there’s a dynamic vibration of commitment and involvement.

We strongly believe that our services are about much more than some people and a warehouse. You can’t get that anywhere. At DSV Multi-Channel Fulfilment you get much more: we want to add value to the business models of our clients and do so as a team:

Our hands and our hearts

At DSV Multi-Channel Fulfilment, you don’t only get our hands and services. You get our hearts. It is our passion to be great at what we do. This is why we constantly strive to perform at the highest possible service levels. No less than an A+ will do for us and each and every one of us aims to achieve that on a daily basis.

Ready for the future

Your customers needs and wishes change constantly. What’s great today, needs to be optimized tomorrow. We are committed to constantly innovate and look for new opportunities and developments so that you can anticipate on and stay ahead of your market.

Great clients

Ask anyone of our employees what they are the proudest of  at DSV MCF and they will tell you that, although they love DSV MCF, it’s the clients that we work for. That’s you. That pride is what you feel, and what you and your customers experience.